All businesses strive to grow, expand and gain a competitive advantage. While success can happen organically, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) drive the greatest growth among lower middle market companies.

Many times, it will be a turning point in a company’s life, such as the transfer of ownership of a family business. Other times, M&A are critical to a company’s growth strategy.

Buyers look to drive growth by acquiring market share, expanding geographic reach, increasing industry expertise or investing in capabilities, technology, talent and new assets.                                                                                                                                                                                                         Seller rationale can be tied to wealth maximization or a need to monetize business, as well as the desire to sell off ancillary divisions to focus on core business units.

The intention is unique to every organization, but it is based on the idea of creating more value and synergy — which has become a commonplace strategy today.

Every year, almost a quarter of all middle market companies acquire all or part of a business and about one in twenty sell (or divest all or part of) their organizations. In total, M&A transactions make up more than US $3 trillion globally, and 2019 is poised for growth with new synergies and hundreds of billions in investment capital already earmarked for lower middle market companies.

Companies that will take advantage of M&A opportunities will turn to investment banks and M&A advisors to mitigate new layers of complexity inherent in today’s highly competitive landscape. The stakes are simply too great across all industries.


Auctus Capital Partners exists to help businesses identify opportunities and navigate their way through M&A transactions to achieve favorable outcomes, maximize value and create steady growth.

As a leading financial advisory firm, we provide informed and insightful counsel and position companies to create a highly competitive process among the global universe of strategic and financial investors.

Sell a Business

Expert sell-side M&A advisory to support divestitures or business owners looking for an exit

Secure Growth Capital

Proven debt advisory and effective strategies to secure growth equity for expansion or liquidity

Acquire Business

Trusted advisory for buy-side mandates across business segments, favorable terms and maximum synergies

Strategic Consulting

Creating competitive advantages for clients through unbiased, sound and objective advice with flawless execution

Whether our client is public or private or selling a business unit or the entire company, we have a passion for what we do and dedicate senior bankers to every transaction from start to finish. In addition, Auctus offers hands-on experience within corporate development, venture capital and growth equity investing.


A reality for many lower middle market companies is that they will eventually buy or sell business. In fact, middle market executives on the buy-side expect a quarter of their growth to be driven by M&A. Whether deals are driven by ambition or necessity, careful planning and support from M&A advisors and investment banks undoubtedly ensure the best outcome with fewer obstacles.

Investment banks play a major role in completing M&A deals, performing a variety of tasks to lead successful growth and exit for businesses.

Critical support includes identifying targets, analyzing financial situations and evaluating potential synergies between two parties to accurately project financial results of a deal, and acting as an intermediary to facilitate reorganizations. M&A firms conduct due diligence and valuations, handle all documentation, meetings, negotiation terms, and closing paperwork — and top advisor will continue to serve clients in the long-term.

Regardless of the deal — if you’re the company being acquired or the one doing the expansion — it’s the investment bank’s job to ensure that you walk away from the deal fully satisfied.

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The best advisory firms understand more than just the numbers, they understand the client’s vision and their role in making it real.

Auctus Capital Partners is led by experienced senior bankers who have spent their careers developing deep professional relationships and building specific knowledge of the companies, trends and insights relevant to the firm’s 15 industry-specific areas of focus.

By tailoring each sales process to the specific needs of an individual client, we embrace a philosophy of flawless execution that ultimately delivers superior valuation, terms and certainty to close.

Consistent and superior outcomes demonstrate the quality of Auctus Capital Partners’ transaction process… the extent of our senior banker involvement… the value of industry experience and relationships… and importance of understanding industry drivers.

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