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Auctus Advisory Services

Experienced Guidance Coupled with Diverse Skillsets.
Auctus Capital Partners is a multi-faceted financial group specializing in M&A advisory, institutional private placements of debt and equity, financial restructuring, valuation, and strategic consulting. Our experienced professionals have the necessary foresight to navigate through highly-complex transactions in order to maximize value for our clients and create steady growth.

Companies and private equity funds that might want to consider hiring Auctus Capital Partners are those who want to make sure that a smaller transaction that is important to them is also important to the bank that is serving them, and free from potential conflicts.

Growth Advisory Services

Managers and owners of mid-market companies aren’t always able to drive sustainable revenues to perpetuate sufficient earnings, and thereby high enough valuations to maximize shareholder wealth or attract outside investment.

Auctus-Scalewerks partners with companies who want radical performance improvement…and therefore significant valuation increase.

Our business accelerator delivers exponential performance increases to mid-market, mid-life companies through implementation of sustained scalability.

The Auctus-Scalewerks protocol is built on our years of experience and success. It:

  • accelerates profitability through scale,
  • generates its own capital for investment in the scaling process,
  • energizes the organization to achieve category leadership, and Category Leaders capture 76% of their category’s capitalized value.

So if you’re ready, let’s talk.

Our Approach

Our process, called SmartScaleTM ensures a massive shift from current performance to sustained scaling.

Gone are the days of traditional approaches to Change Management and Brand Re-Positioning.

The Auctus-ScaleWerks team has been at the forefront of business growth as thought and implementation leaders our entire careers.

That leadership requires pragmatism.

We recognize that innovating for new growth requires different skills, activities, metrics, mindsets and leadership approaches that are absolutely necessary for driving the core business.

That’s why we’ve become masters at integrating directly into your organization, much like you’re very own skunkworks, to co-create and execute a holistic plan that’s built specifically to the unique values and strengths of your business.

No cookie cutter plans or next steps you aren’t sure how to implement, we implement what we recommend.

We’re Proven Effective

You’ve seen our team members’ work with brands like Caterpillar, Disney, and Citibank and in places like Reuters and Forbes.

Auctus-ScaleWerks has built an integrated team of experts that serve as your own personal Scale Architects.

Our diverse team brings expertise in leadership, marketing, sales, information technology, engineering, and communications across multiple industries and categories from millennials to baby boomers.

As architects who work in scale, our integrated team is customized to your needs and offers the talent and perspective that can only be gained through the tireless pursuit of scale expertise.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Auctus Capital Partners provides unparalleled service to the executives and owners of businesses including financial sponsors & privately-held companies.

Auctus Capital Partners provides unparalleled service to the executives and owners of businesses, including financial sponsors and privately-held companies. The M&A practice is led by experienced senior bankers who have spent their careers developing deep professional relationships and building specific knowledge of the companies, trends and insights relevant to the firm’s 15 industry-specific areas of focus.

Auctus Capital Partners continues to implement strategic initiatives designed to drive superior outcomes for its clients. These include: expanding geographic reach, increasing industry expertise and constantly investing in processing capabilities. With globally integrated industry groups, Auctus Capital Partners provides market-leading strategic advice on a worldwide basis, with over half of Auctus Group’s transactions being cross-border in nature.

Areas of Focus
  • Acquisition advisory
  • Buyout advisory
  • Mergers
  • Buy Side Advisory
  • Sell Side Advisory

Auctus Group provides informed and insightful advice to owners and management teams of businesses that are considering or pursuing a sale transaction. Whether our client is public or private or selling a business unit or the entire company, we have a passion for what we do and dedicate senior bankers to every transaction from start to finish. Working hand-in-hand with passionate business owners and outstanding management teams, Auctus Group positions companies to create a highly competitive process among the global universe of strategic and financial investors. By tailoring each sales process to the specific needs of an individual client, we embrace a philosophy of flawless execution that ultimately delivers superior valuation, terms and certainty to close.

Debt Advisory

Our Debt Advisory Group also has extensive experience with challenging situations and “storied credits,” including proprietary deals with limited information, rapid timetables, acquisition financing in competitive auctions and dividend recapitalizations that return all invested equity (or more).

On each assignment, Auctus Capital Partners’ Debt Advisory Group:

  • Runs a robust process to secure the best available pricing and terms
  • Accesses its extensive relationships with over 500 capital sources throughout North America.
  • Generates multiple capital structure alternatives, which enhances certainty of closing
  • Provides clients with transparency and control over the financing process
  • Aligns fully with the interests of our client – no conflicts of interest
  • Leverages the time and resources of the management team and financing sponsor

With professionals who have diverse backgrounds, Auctus Capital Partners’ Debt Advisory Group has a proven track record of designing innovative, financing solutions to help its clients achieve their capital raising objectives.

Growth Equity

Auctus Capital Partners provides financial advisory solutions to lower middle market business owners across the lifespan of a business. In many situations, this involves the need to secure a growth equity investment. Financing growth is a major challenge that all business owners face at some point in their company’s development. Even when credit markets are active, which is not always the case, the interest expense and principal amortization associated with debt financing can create a heavy burden on the cash flow of a growing organization.

Growth equity can be an effective tool when the owners want to remain investors but also want to realize a portion of their investment. In addition, it can be an effective vehicle for providing liquidity to certain shareholders, while allowing other equity owners to remain invested in the company. We bring expertise to our clients to help them secure growth equity that fits their specific needs, while optimizing terms.

In addition, experienced growth equity investors can provide invaluable board level perspective and insights to help successfully manage growth and pursue expansions, which can be as valuable as the capital itself. Raising equity capital has been an effective strategy for meeting the following strategic business objectives:

  • Acquisitions
  • Pursuing international expansion
  • Building new facilities
  • New product development
  • Financing short-term gaps in earnings
  • Minority recapitalizations
  • Shareholder distributions/dividends/cash-outs

Special Situations

Auctus Capital Partners has extensive experience advising businesses and their creditor and stakeholder constituencies during periods of financial challenge or unique circumstances. This expertise is partnered with industry debt and deep debt capital markets knowledge to provide our clients with unmatched capabilities focused in the lower middle market.

We help our clients solve their problems in a challenging, time-sensitive environment. With senior level attention to each and every assignment, Auctus Capital Partners ensures that all strategic alternatives are evaluated and quickly develops uniquely tailored solutions so that our clients and their key constituencies are able to resolve their issues in a timely and effective manner.

Our services include the following:

  • Negotiating with current lenders and/or investors to restructure a balance sheet
  • Raising new debt or equity capital
  • Completing a value-maximizing sale in an efficient manner
  • General advisory / restructuring alternatives
  • Covenant waivers and amendments
  • Consent solicitations / exchange and tender offers
  • Pre-packaged / pre-arranged Chapter 11 cases
  • Traditional Chapter 11 reorganizations
  • Rights offerings
  • Valuation and expert testimony
Debt Advisory
  • General advisory / capital structure alternatives
  • Rescue financing
  • DIP financing
  • Exit financing
  • Senior debt (cash flow and asset-based)
  • Second-lien and mezzanine debt
  • Structured debt and equity linked securities
  • Strategic investments
Sale Process
  • General advisory / strategic alternatives
  • Distressed M&A
  • 363 Sales / Foreclosure Sales
  • Non-core asset disposition
  • Merger advisory
  • Exclusive sales and divestitures
  • Distressed buy side advisory

Valuations & Opinions

Auctus Capital Partners has extensive experience in providing valuations and opinions to private companies and their board of directors, special committees and fiduciaries, investment funds and financial sponsors. The Valuations & Opinions Group complements Auctus Capital Partners’ M&A and Debt Advisory practices by combining “real world” transactional experience with sophisticated expertise in all types of valuation methodologies to deliver consistently high-quality valuations.

In addition, we have strong relationships with the major accounting firms, underwriters and lenders to these funds who rely on Auctus Capital Partners’ valuation expertise to supplement their own internal valuation processes.

Clients benefit from the senior-level attention, in-depth industry expertise and the strength of Auctus Capital Partners’ transaction experience in M&A and debt financing markets to produce thoughtful, well-supported valuations and opinions that comply with the relevant reporting standards and are capable of withstanding third-party scrutiny.

  • “Fair Value” Financial Reporting (ASC 820 / FAS 157)
  • Tax Valuations
  • Corporate Valuations
  • Management Stock Compensation Plans
  • Capital Structure and Strategic Alternatives
Transaction Opinions
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Divestitures
  • Recapitalizations
  • Related Party Transactions
  • ESOP Transactions