Auctus Securities

We are a FINRA member Broker-Dealer that was formed to provide experienced and professional M&A and Private Placement services to the middle market at a reasonable fee structure.

Who is Auctus?

Auctus Securities (formerly Woodville Hall Capital, LLC) was founded by Jonathan Catherwood.

Jonathan Catherwood who has spent approximately half of his 20 years in the marketplace in client services, and the other half in corporate America, and in each case with some of the world’s best known and respected brands, including Booz Allen & Hamilton (a leading global management consulting firm), Windsor Group (an M&A boutique which was bought by BB&T), GTE Corporation (which merged with Bell Atlantic to form Verizon), and Wendy’s International.

Auctus Securities targets public and private companies who wish to purchase or divest (or raise capital for) businesses, brands or assets in the $50m-$500m range, and who want the transaction to be handled discreetly by a seasoned professional who understands the corporate world as well as the client advisory world, and in a fee structure that reflects the size of the transaction, not the size of the bank.


Auctus Securities was formed to ensure that in a consolidating investment banking industry, the middle market can still access experienced, professional help at a reasonable fee structure.

The US banking industry is consolidating at an ever-increasing pace. The number of pure investment banks is shrinking as leading players merge with or become traditional deposit banks to strengthen their balance sheets

Beat the Banks

As banks increase in size, and their income is produced increasingly from trading activities with higher income-to-professional ratios, M&A divisions in the leading banks are under constant pressure to focus on larger transactions with concomitantly larger fee income, and flatter staff structures to increase profit per transaction.

  • Engagement fees now are typically $250,000-500,000
  • Minimum fees increasingly are at $2-3m per transaction

Modern Solutions

Given these trends, a space exists in the advisory marketplace for boutiques with experienced professionals who can profitably target M&A and private placement transactions in the $50-500m range and provide:

  • Senior-level attention to each transaction
  • Traditional fee structures that make sense for the client as well as the bank
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