Axial Announces Recipients of The COVID-19 Closed Deal Badge, Names Auctus Capital Partners Among Top 50 Advisors

By September 17, 2020 Auctus in the News

Auctus Capital Partners is pleased to announce it has received a COVID-19 Closed Deal Badge from Axial, a private deal network serving professionals who own, advise, and invest in North American lower middle market companies. The badge recognizes Auctus for its role as exclusive advisor to clients that were supported and completed transactions since the Declaration of National Emergency in March 2020. 

“The unfortunate realities of coronavirus impact all business — and we are grateful for the recognition our leadership has earned as we continue to support clients and create value for the lower middle market,” said Muhammad Azfar, CEO and Managing Partner of Auctus Capital Partners. “These unprecedented times require unique, integrated approaches to manage changing priorities and strained financial resources through strong leadership with exceptional communication.”

Announcing the First 50 Recipients of the Covid-19 Closed Deal Badge 

Axial | September 17, 2020

The entire world has been turned upside down by Covid-19. It has not spared the lower middle market’s entrepreneurs and ecosystem of dealmakers and critical service providers.

Some buyers have retrenched, others became even more active. Some investment bankers have put deals on hold, others have been as active as ever. Some lenders have raised new funds to capitalize on the opportunity, others have “taken shelter for the moment.”

To recognize those organizations who have found a way to overcome the obstacles and get deals done in these unprecedented circumstances, we’re excited to introduce the Covid-19 Closed Deal Badge and the first 50 recipients.



See the full list of 50 recipients of the Axial COVID-19 Closed Deal Badge on Axial here.